Tender Transmissions

Tender Transmissions is produced by Alex Beckman, Kaif Ghaznavi, Malak Helmy, Lynne McCabe, Mike Maurillo, Ranu Mukherjee, George Pfau, and Kris Timken for the Wonderland Exhibition, 2009, and hosted by the Luggage Store Gallery/Tenderloin National Forest in San Francisco.  

The transmissions include conversations about love, songs and poetry, soundscapes focused on the neighborhood’s atmosphere, a screenplay derived from conversations with erotic dancers, ambient audio recorded during guided blindfolded walks, and conversations between visiting Japanese college students and local first graders.  It also includes interviews with Wonderland curator Lance Fung, Elaine Zamora of the Tenderloin Community Benefit District and the Homeless Coalition, which focus on issues of movement, migration, nomadism and visibility in relation to current residents, participating artists and potential visitors. The project takes advantage of the intimate and invisible characteristics of sound to create listening environments with potential resonance at thresholds between the public and private. 

Over the course of the exhibition the recordings were broadcast via pirate radio. Now they are archived at www.tendertransmissions.com

  • Whispering Beast (rising / guided)
  • Zombies, Identified

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