Zombie Variations

On view at Alter Space September 24-October 29, 2016.
A collaboration between George Pfau and Tom Comitta.
View the video trailer at Zombievariations.us.
Variations in Holyoke Transfer, order on Blurb.
Early BlabberLab in Macaroni Necklace
A glimpse into the early work for the Zombie Variations book in Coldfront Magazine
“Eight Fields Surrounding a Village” on Shady Characters
A review of the show by Casey Dyson on Art Blitz LA


BlabberLab iOS App, by George Pfau and Tom Comitta, developed by 99centbrains! See lots of examples on Instagram
Download for iPhone / iPad on the Apple App Store! Read more on KQED


ERNEST, Demos: Wapato Correctional Facility @ c3 Initiative, Portland, Oregon. Now on view at the Rochester Art Center, Minnesota, until May 8.
More details: ERNEST: Demos. More context on the ERNEST BLOG
Read more about our video/book/event project:
Portland Tribune Jennifer Anderson
PORT Jeff Jahn
Willamette Week Enid Spitz
The book is now available to buy at c3:initiative and at Printed Matter

The Transatlantic Zombie

A book by Sarah Juliet Lauro. The Transatlantic Zombie: Slavery, Rebellion, and Living Death. Order now on Amazon. Features extensive writing about the Zombiescapes and much more…

Suspensionen. Über das Untote

Suspensions. About the Undead. A book by Carolin Blumenberg, Alexandra Heimes, Erica Weitzman, Sophie Witt. Order now on Amazon. Features my “Self Replacing Body Trace (Froth)” on the cover.

Quiet Please

The Mental Game of Art and Tennis. At the Berkeley Art Center Opening: July 30. Artists in Conversation (Libby Black, Jennie Ottinger, George Pfau, Andrew Witrak): August 4. “Quiet Please on the Court” Event, August 28.
Fill out the Tennis Survey! Check out @TennisSurvey on Instagram.

Zombie Slideshow

Watch the 13 minute version on Youtube and read more on ZombieLaw
Prior to BAASICS.5:MONSTERS at ODC, San Francisco, Christopher Reiger and Selene Foster visit my studio
Review by Amy Char in The San Francisco Bay Guardian
@ I Think We’re Ready To Go To The Next Sequence: The Legacy Of Halflifers @ Gallery 400, Chicago. Reviewed in Chicago Artist Writers by Elliot Mickleburgh

Comedian Dies

Please check out this new site! comediandies.us Featuring Caitlin Gill
Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow. Laughing Squid, Glen Tickle

Zombies in the Landscape

Website! zombiescapes.us
Vice-Motherboard, Brian Merchant
Fast Company, Adele Peters
Zombie Rights Campaign, John Sears
ZombieLaw, Joshua Warren
i09, Lauren Davis
Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow
The Verge, Aaron Souppouris
A.V. Club, Dan Selcke
The Dish, Andrew Sullivan
Esquire Russia, Anastasia Indrikova

Royal Nonesuch

Group Show: Not Much to Look At, Oakland, CA, Jan 30-Mar 1

Painting Expelled

Group Show: at CCA, San Francisco, CA Feb 23-28

Resource: 9th St. New Media Art Project

Block Gallery A public video installation, curated by Lacey Haslam
Review in SFGate by Christian Frock

Zedfest, Los Angeles

“Zombie Variations” featuring Tom Comitta, Film Festival: November 7-9, Theatre Banshee, Burbank

Gertrude Salon

Fictions: Anthony Discenza and George Pfau hosted by Aaron Harbour
Nov 2nd, 2pm at the studio of Anthony Discenza

Portland ‘Pataphysical Society

Zombie Slideshow and Exhibition Oct 3rd – Nov 7
Hosted by Josephine Zarkovich and David Huff

Restaurering Av Inre Rum

Group Exhibition, curated by Joakim Forsgren and Mikael Goralski. 3d Tour
Charlottenburg Farm, Solna (Stockholm), Sweden. Aug-Sept 2014


Bay Area Currents: The Disquiet at Pro Arts, Oakland. July 8-Aug 8
Review in Oakland Local by Nilofar Gardezi


Zombie Spectacular Episode of Movies and Films with Johnny Pomatto and Chason Matthams. Download on Itunes

9th Floor Radio Questionnaire with Aaron Harbour and Jackie Im


Web Project! zombieindex.net
i09, Annalee Newitz
ZombieLaw, Joshua Warren
Giant Freakin Robot, Nick Venable
Blog of the Living Dead, Zombie Research Society, David Marks
Art Threat, Rob Maguire
My Zombie Culture, Baron Mardi
Doc of the Dead Premiering at SXSW, and on EPIX


Feverish Homeless Cannibal in Zombies in The Academy
Published by Intellect Ltd., Order through Amazon
Zombies in the Academy on ZombieLaw
More coverage on ZombieLaw