Available Books:

Zombie Variations and Zombie Variations Symposium, by George Pfau and Tom Comitta, available via Lulu: ZV and ZVS

The Ugly Game of Inner Winning, by George Pfau, email for info

Demos: Wapato Correctional Facility, by ERNEST (Curreri/Fletcher/Ireland/Pfau) available at Printed Matter and c3:initiative

The Transatlantic Zombie, by Sarah Juliet Lauro, on Amazon featuring art by George Pfau, Read an Excerpt

The Walking Med: Zombies and the Medical Image, with an essay by Sarah Juliet Lauro: "Blurred Lines and Human Objects: The Zombie Art of George Pfau." Edited by Lorenzo Servitje and Sherryl Vint, via PSU Press

Zombies in the Academy, with essay by George Pfau "Feverish Homeless Cannibal." Edited by Andrew Whelan, Ruth Walker, and Christopher Moore, via U Chicago Press. Reviewed on ZombieLaw

Zombie Theory, edited by Sarah Juliet Lauro. via U Minnesota Press

Suspensionen. รœber das Untote. Suspensions. About the Undead. A book by Carolin Blumenberg, Alexandra Heimes, Erica Weitzman, Sophie Witt. Available on Amazon. Featuring art by George Pfau


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